Greenhouses and gardens at Sage Valley Farm


Our greenhouses allow us to get our seeds going early and extend the growing season.


Assorted meats from Sage Valley Farm


On our farm we have always felt very passionately that you are what you eat.…


Heritage breed hatchlings available at Sage Valley Farm


We accept orders for both fertile eggs and hatchlings between December and April.


Our Story

Sage Valley Farm is our dream of creating a farm that produces tasty food using organic systems. We didn’t want our family to eat food that was produced on industrial farms or feedlots anymore because it’s unhealthy and doesn’t taste very good. We purchased the farm from our parents in 2011 moved back to the farm from Alberta in 2016 so we could focus all our efforts on sustainable food production. Our two kids love the adventures of farm life and are always willing to lend a helping hand. We are the 4th generation of the Miller family to farm this land in South Central Saskatchewan, located 100 miles south of Moose Jaw. Our farm is a total of 480 acres with 240 acres of native prairie and the remaining 240 acres in hay since 2015. No chemicals have been applied to this land since July 1990. Our farm produces food that is direct marketed to consumers in southern Saskatchewan.  Read more >>

Scenes from the Farm