Dustin and Amy Miller | Sage Valley FarmSage Valley Farm is our dream of creating a farm that produces tasty food using organic systems. We didn’t want our family to eat food that was produced on industrial farms or feedlots anymore because its not as healthy and we found it didn’t taste as good, either.

We purchased the farm from our parents in 2011 and moved back to the farm from Alberta in 2016, so we could focus all our efforts on sustainable food production. Our two kids love the adventures of farm life and are always willing to lend a helping hand. We are the 4th generation of the Miller family to farm this land in South Central Saskatchewan, located 100 miles south of Moose Jaw. Our farm is a total of 480 acres with 240 acres of native prairie and the remaining 240 acres in hay since 2015. No chemicals have been applied to this land since July 1990. Our farm produces food that is direct marketed to consumers in southern Saskatchewan. 

Currently our livestock production focuses on pastured chicken, turkeys and pigs. We have two greenhouses as well a few large gardens. Together they allow us to extend the growing seasons and provide a wide range of produce to our market garden customers. Our layer flock consists of six different breeds of heritage chickens. They not only provide both us and our customers with all the fresh eggs needed, but also allows us to add a hatchery aspect to our farm. We currently sell fertile eggs, day old chicks and ready-to-lay hens of all varieties.

Future plans for our farm include adding honey bees to our system to improve pollination of our crops while eventually providing honey. We also plan to add to sheep to use for targeted grazing on areas with perennial weed problems while producing lamb meat. On our farm we strive to find and use solutions to production issues that will also provide us with food and income. 

Sage Valley Farm's Solar Array
We added a solar array as part of our commitment to sustainable production.