We have two greenhouses and several gardens around the farm-yard (including one in the field). Our greenhouses allow us to get our seeds going early, allow for multiple plantings of short season crops and extend the growing season for special longer season items.

In the greenhouses you can find many things including cucumbers (both pickling and snacking varieties), herbs, tomatoes, peppers. We are always experimenting with different varieties to find what works best for our area.

In the various gardens and orchard areas you will find a wide variety of root vegetables, melons (cantaloupe and watermelon), climbing vegetables like beans and peas, fruits including rhubarb and chokecherries and everything in between. Like any garden what is available varies from year to year and is weather dependent.

In most cases we also harvest our own seeds for use from season to season allowing us to guarantee a NO GMO status. We use regenerative soil building practices like cover crops, plant rotations and mulching to keep our soil healthy improving from year to year and do not use ANY chemicals anywhere on the farm.

Check with us weekly or monitor our Facebook farm page or Instagram or give us a call to see what is available!