The beginnings of Sage Valley’s animal adventures started with a promise from my husband. I was promised that if I would move to the farm I could have my own chickens. I knew I wanted to choose heritage breeds of laying hens and set about looking for my flock. I wanted to choose heritage breeds because of their funky colored eggs, beautiful feather colors and their healthy grown patterns. I soon discovered that in our area if I wanted to find heritage breeds I had to travel a long distance or order them through the hatcheries in the States.

I picked my first breeds and bought my first incubator.  I had great luck and fell in love with hatching chicks. The chicks are so cute and it feels so rewarding to hatch out new life. After word got out of what I was starting and the interest started coming in I decided it was time to upgrade. The next winter I invested in a large chest incubator and a hatcher to match and began hatching larger batches of chicks. We now have a continually growing customer base and a perpetual flock to keep everyone happy.

Our breeds are cold hardy and consistent layers:

  • Black Australorp: lay light brown eggs
  • Buff Orphington: lay light brown eggs and are great foragers
  • Lavender Orphington: lay light brown eggs
  • Olive Egger: lay a wide variety of green and blue shades and a into the dark brown shades as well

Place your order.Placing Orders for Hatchlings and Fertile Eggs

We accept orders for both fertile eggs and hatchlings between November and May.  Sage Valley Farm requires a deposit on all orders over a dozen eggs or chicks. Deposits can be sent via etransfer or cheque, but we will not set your order until deposit has been recieved.

Special Notes:

Sage Valley Farm is not responsible for fertility of eggs after they have left the farm.
Sage Valley Farm cannot guarantee hatch percentage or sex ratio.
At this time none of our flock on Sage Valley Farm is vaccinated.
If an incubation order needs to be changed or cancelled for a reason of our control, deposits will be fully refunded. If a incubation order needs to be changed or cancelled for the customers reason the deposit will only be returned if the date is earlier than one week before incubation begins.
If a fertile egg order is cancelled for reasons of our control, deposits will be fully refunded. If fertile egg order needs to be cancelled due to customers reason all but 10% of the deposit will be refunded. Deposits in regard to the customer changing their fertile egg order will depend on changes made but will be reflected in the value of the order (larger or smaller number of eggs vs cost difference).