On our farm we have always felt very passionately that you are what you eat. We are also starting to notice that you are what your food eats. You will also notice if it is getting close to dinner time by the temperament of our family…..especially the kids. Any guests in our home quickly notice how much we love our food. Our table is usually a quiet one because of this. I can always tell when I have prepared a good feast because the volume in the dinning room drops from conversation volume to chew mode.

Farm Fresh Eggs from Sage Valley FarmGoing back generations our family has always loved good food. So why not feed the animals we are going to eat some good food. Then they are tastier.  Yes, that’s the secret. Just as we love to have a plate of fresh tasty food to eat, so do our animals. Only their plate is a piece of fresh ground with green stuff growing on it (grass, maybe some weeds, too). Our birds and pigs also get fed a ration of rolled grains and legumes to round out their meal. If our animals are always being moved onto clean pasture we find they rarely get sick. We don’t need to have antibiotics in their feed, which allows their immune system to operate at peak rather than being suppressed by the antibiotics. Better digestion of feed results from healthier gut biology. This leads to better feed conversion, which leads to better profits for the farmer and healthy, flavorfull meat for the consumer.  Of course if an animal or bird is sick and needs to be treated with antibiotics we do. It is separated, treated and kept separate from our antibiotic free meat. Just like us, we don’t take medicine everyday, but sometimes we need it to get better. To read more about our broilers, turkey, and pig production click on the links below..

Our beef is sourced from local ranchers that we work with. These ranchers primarily sell the majority of their beef into the wholesale market, but keep a few animals back for personal consumption and to sell into the local market. They are keen to direct sell beef when possible because more money goes into their pocket. Currently all beef from our ranchers is grain finished for the last month, but grass finished is available if the consumer desires this.  Grass finished beef takes longer so the price will be higher when compared to grain finished.