Free of antibiotics and supplemental hormones

Place your order.The debate to add cattle to our farm set up has been talked about several times, but we always come to the decision of its just not the right time for us. So in order to round out our meat selection without increasing the chores load and infrastructure needed, we have decided to source beef straight from local ranchers that raise their cattle with methods that we would want as well as what the customers want. We purchase the cow directly from the rancher and take them to a trusted butcher. This allows us to have control of what cuts we get in order to offer the best variety of items to our customers.  All the beef we source is free of antibiotics, supplemental hormones and has been pasture raised. We offer 100% grass fed beef as well as grass fed and grain finished beef.

Please be aware, if you are ordering a whole or half beef from us that we will need advanced notice, as we do not always have that much in our freezers at one time.