Place your order.What came first the Chicken or the Egg?  On our farm I wanted to have multiple colors of eggs to create a unique and funky mix. In order to achieve this I had to source heritage breed chicks and fertile eggs from as far away as Nipiwan, Saskatchewan to get my flock started. After a few months of hard work I began to get the reward of light green, dark green, several shades of brown and a few white eggs. Now, three years later our farm egg cartons contain a wide variety of green shades and brown shades. This fall I will be adding a gorgeous robins egg blue shade to the mix.

When you order eggs from Sage Valley Farm you will get a mix in every carton, and occasionally a Silkie egg (which are smaller than the rest) just to keep life interesting. Our farm fresh packs come in 12 pack and 18 pack sizes. Let us know if you would like to become a regular customer as well. We do bi-weekly deliveries to Assiniboia, monthly trips to Moose Jaw and Regina, as well as sell our eggs at the many farmers markets we attend.