We never thought we would be pig farmers, but were surprised at how well they have fit into our farm production system. I grew up down the road from some hog barns that seemed to always smell really, really bad. We have chosen to pasture our pigs in movable pens that are moved twice a day. This makes sure that the pigs never get bored and always have green grass or weeds to eat. Bored pigs figure out ways to escape to greener pastures! Our pigs never smell because they are outside and are constantly being moved to fresh ground. Another benefit to pasturing our pigs is it allows them to follow their passion for rooting. Our pigs rooting ability allows us to control thistle patches with their snouts. We also feed them a twice daily ration of wheat and lentils that has fermented for 3 days to allow the pigs better digestion and feed conversion ratio. Any excess produce from our garden is fed to the pigs when available. Corn on the cob is like candy to a pig.

We raise Berkshire pigs, which are an heritage breed with UK origins. Berkshires produce a “leaner pork” when compared to a Yorkshire pig, which is primarily used in the industrial confinement production system.  Our system provides a clean, healthy and happy environment for the pigs (watch a pig root on fresh ground and you’ll know what I mean!). The ration we feed contains no antibiotics and they are on organic land, which means no toxins to collect in their fatty tissue. Our family’s favorite cut of the pig is the pork chop. We season the meat with salt, garlic and steak spice and barbecue  on high heat for about 6-7 minutes a side. Serve this with some rice or baked potato, squash and homemade apple sauce and it’s a very simple, tasty and healthy meal.

A funny learning experience happened this summer. We had arrived home from town last summer after a rare supper out. The sun had just dropped below the horizon and it was a very peaceful time in the evening when the air is still and cool. I was calmly walking out to the pig pen in the pasture with some treats for them. The solid side of the pen was blocking the pigs view of me and I was in deep thought of some idea so I wasn’t making any noise… opps. The moment I tossed the treats over the side of the pen I scared the living daylights out of the pigs and they ran squealing straight through the side of the pen for the hills! Lesson learned: Make Noise When Approaching Pigs!!

Placing an Order

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  • Bacon (We smoke it ourselves)
  • Whole or half pigs
  • Chops
  • Roasts and Hams
  • Ground Pork
  • Ribs
  • Hocks